Our Solutions

Healthcare Providers:

  • Prozela applies its experience and expertise in reducing the total cost of healthcare and in improving patient experience. Healthcare today is at an inflexion point.
  • We are experiencing the most dynamic and rapid change in the history. While battling the challenges of public health, we need to address demand of an ageing population, rising burden of chronic diseases and continued policy debates on costs, quality and access to health care.
  • Healthcare at the end is a highly personalized service and centre of every priority we set there is the patient.
  • We help develop patient-centric service offerings that help reduce cost, increase efficiency and improve quality for providers and patients they serve. The key service offerings that we have for Health service providers are:

Quality and Accreditation Support:

  • Prozela help healthcare organization build a culture of quality among all its core stakeholders.
  • Through a highly engaging process with clinicians, nurses and administrative staff we help hospitals drive quality programs through its care delivery system.
  • We help organization develop systems, clinical pathways, protocols and operating processes for accreditation from reputed agencies like JCI,NABH, NABL, CAP etc.
  • We do comprehensive review of hospital safety protocols and help implement interventions which are designed to get as close to eliminating human error as possible.

Clinical Transformation:

  • We help transformation in clinical domain through development of data driven medical programs driving patient engagement, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • We help the transition from paper based clinical information system to electronic medical records.
  • We deploy clinical analytics program based on the machine learning algorithms. This enables to effective design and delivery services and medical programs across the prevention care continuum.
  • We help the portfolio management of clinical specialties through end to end planning for nurturing and growing a specialty through investment in clinical teams, medical technology, medical programs and referral pathways.
  • Through a suite of improvement programs we help high value clinical specialties attain its full potential in driving growth and sustainability of health care organizations.
  • We help hospital’s clinical organizations transform to deliver twenty-first century medicine which is patient-centered, collaborative, team medicine.

Operating Effectiveness and Efficiency:

  • Our continuous improvement programs aimed at optimization of asset utilization through better patient case mix, triaging and care co ordination.
  • We work closely with the clinical teams to improve the Average Revenue Per Occupied Bed (ARPOB) and reduce the Average Length of Stay (ALOS).
  • The improvement in ARPOB is attained through setting of centres of excellence in core therapeutic areas, medical technology investment and bettering case mix through tertiary care outpatient services and community based medical programs.
  • The reduction in ALOS is attained wider use of minimally invasive technologies and through integration of low cost venues of care – primary care clinics, transition care centres and home healthcare- through a care continuum.
  • We implement operating efficiency focused on streamlining material procurement and inventory management process.
  • The value stream mapping done by our expert team help process reengineering and waste minimization in hospitals.

Electronic Medical Records and Analytics:

  • Many health care organizations fail to attain their growth potential not due to absence of good leadership but due to lack of information necessary for informed decisions.
  • With right flow of clinical and administrative information many organizations could further accelerated their operating performance and expanded their volume of services and impact.
  • Despite the investments in EMR, many healthcare organizations continue to be data-rich, insight-poor organizations.
  • We help implement EMR through appropriate physician engagement, training and support. Irrespective of the EMR platform, we have developed an analytics platform which helps hospital management see their performance dashboards with core operating metrics and their benchmarks for driving performance across various departments and functions.

Medical Value Travel:

  • With the objective of driving a healthy financial performance and asset utilization Prozela helps health care organizations build medical value programs focused on countries in Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.
  • We help build collaborative programs with local healthcare networks and clinical service providers in target countries for enabling development of medical value travel with good case mix aligned to hospital capabilities and healthy gross margins.