One of the greatest challenges in our time is to make and keep qualitatively good healthcare affordable, transparent and accessible to as many people as possible. The ambition to realise triple aim-improving patient experience of care and health of populations while reducing per capita cost of healthcare- has been at the core of healthcare transformation all over the world. Translating this ambition to reality needs co ordinated action all across the healthcare value chain: product manufacturers, payors, regulators, governments and healthcare providers.

Countries across the world have been driving the healthcare transformation for attaining triple aim in their health systems, but the best health system is still evolving learning from the best practices seen…

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Clinical Transformation

  • We help transformation in clinical domain through development of data driven medical programs driving patient engagement, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • We help the transition from paper based clinical information system to electronic medical records.
  • We deploy clinical analytics program based on the machine learning algorithms.
  • This enables to effective design and delivery services and medical programs across the prevention care continuum.

Electronic Medical Records and Analytics

  • Many health care organizations fail to attain their growth potential not due to absence of good leadership but due to lack of information necessary for informed decisions.
  • With right flow of clinical and administrative information many organizations could further accelerated their operating performance and expanded their volume of services and impact.
  • Despite the investments in EMR, many healthcare organizations continue to be data-rich, insight-poor organizations.

Healthcare Providers

  • Prozela can help in building Detailed Project Reports for green field projects.
  • Can help to identify the right specialties & assets to invest in based on disease burden
  • Helps drive patient acquisition programs to improve occupancy & profitability

Operating Effectiveness and Efficiency

  • Our continuous improvement programs aimed at optimisation of asset utilisation through better patient case mix, triaging and care co ordination.
  • We work closely with the clinical teams to improve the Average Revenue Per Occupied Bed (ARPOB) and reduce the Average Length of Stay (ALOS).
  • The improvement in ARPOB is attained through setting of centres of excellence in core therapeutic areas, medical technology investment and bettering case mix through tertiary care outpatient services and community based medical programs.

PROZELA Health Training

  • Prozela helps in improving patient satisfaction by imparting customer centric training programs
  • Reduce employee turn over by improving employee engagement programs
  • Reduce costs by training on lean management & efficiency improvement techniques

Quality and Accreditation Support

  • Prozela help healthcare organization build a culture of quality among all its core stakeholders.
  • Through a highly engaging process with clinicians, nurses and administrative staff we help hospitals drive quality programs through its care delivery system.
  • We help organization develop systems, clinical pathways, protocols and operating processes for accreditation from reputed agencies like JCI,NABH, NABL, CAP etc.


Customizing Go To Market strategy

  • Prozela enables product companies which are existing and new to Asian countries to develop deep understanding on the market segments, their unmet needs and build go to market model for their products and services.
  • The years of learning by understanding the buying process with all stakeholders help shape compelling value propositions for institutional stakeholders, patient groups and price regulators.
  • Through academic collaborations Prozela help generate health economic data and enable technology assessments for validating long term value of the product adoption.

Enabling Market Development

  • Emerging markets like India, South East Asia and Africa is charecterised by low penetration of medical technology and sub par adoption of medical products due to long years of underinvestment on medical infrastructure.
  • The market development approaches developed on focused clinical marketing and global health programs will enable product companies to drive faster growth and health impact.
  • Prozela help product companies build high integrity collaborations with lead clinicians, medical research institutions….

NGOs, Start Ups and Government

  • NGOs, Start Ups and Governments are key ecosystem partners for driving transformation in health care.
  • NGOs and governments reach the bottom of pyramid delivering products and services to better the health outcomes of the population.
  • NGOs pioneer delivery mechanisms hard to reach areas and execute innovative behaviour change programs in promoting health and create demand for services.

Pioneering business model innovations

  • Business model innovations enable product companies to layers of appropriate service offering for creating compelling differentiation and value.
  • Studies indicate that service revenues are growing 3-4 times the growth of product revenue.
  • The layering of appropriate service solution to products and innovating around the delivery leveraging on the ICT capabilities will help product companies shift the focus from product pricing to value of overall proposition.

Product Companies

  • Product companies -medical technology, biopharmaceuticals and health IT- play a pivotal role in enabling health care transformation.
  • By focusing on developing market appropriate product solutions, value engineering, market development and business model innovations product companies could drive impact on their growth performance and health system impact.
  • Prozela works collaboratively in building capabilities and driving growth in the following areas.